Six Easy Steps To Relaxation

1) Find a Quiet Spot – A corner of your room, backyard, garage, basement…anywhere you can be alone for at least 10 minutes to meditate. Once you’ve found a spot, bring in some of your favourite things like plants, candles and cushions.

2) Get Changed – Wear loose fitting clothes like sweats or PJs. And remember to stetch before you sit down. This will help get rid of any physical and emotional tension and allow you to sit in quiet relection.

3) Assume the Position – Have a seat on the floor and cross your legs. Sit upright. Bring your hands to your knees, palms up. If this is uncomfortable, feel free to sit in a chair or with your back against the wall.

4) Start Zoning Out – Once you’re in a comfortable position, close your eyes. Relax your gaze, giving the muscles of your eyes a break and then bring that softness to the rest of your body.

5) Focus on your Breathing – To keep your focus, silently count “one” as you inhale and “two” as you exhale. When your mind wanders just bring your attention back to your breathing.

6) Slowly Come Back to Reality – Keeping your eyes closed, briskly rub your palms together until they are warm and then cup them over your eyes. Breathe once in and out, gazing into the darkness, then run your hands down your face, throat, and body. Open your eyes, move gently, and then go about your day.

For more information about relaxation and mediation, please visit these websites:

Summary: For this assignment, I chose to redo the Chatelaine article entitled “I Just Can’t Relax” about how to meditate. The first thing I decided to change was the title because I remembered that online titles need to be more eye catching than ones in magazines. Things online need to be straight to the point otherwise people won’t read it, so I made sure they would know exactly what they were reading. Six Easy Steps to Relaxation is straight forward and eye catching. Everyone wants quick and easy steps to all of life’s problems.

I applied the same principle to the rest of the article. I cut out a lot of the content from the steps, including a lot of flowery language, anecodotes and extra tips from the experts. I just laid out the six steps, in straight forward, easy to read language.

Lastly, I included some relevant links at the end of the article, incase any readers were interested in more in depth information.

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