Virtual presentation – Chart Attack

I’ve chosen to do my presentation on, which is the website for the Canadian music magazine Chart.

The main thing that I really like about this website is how easy it is to navigate. The main page looks very “busy” at first glance, but it’s very helpful because it gives the reader a little preview of everything that website has to offer, including the latest music news, CD and concert reviews, live photos, music videos, blogs and many more. Each of these features is also presented in a bar at the very top of the page so if the reader doesn’t want to scroll throuigh all the information on the main page they can just click on whatever page they specifically want to read.

I also really liked how the website makes a real effort to connect to the readers and encourage feedback and discussion. Everything from the blogs to the news articles and reviews have the option available for readers to leave comments or to simply say whether or not they “love” or “hate” a specific feature or piece of writing. They also have a lot of different music related forums, a daily poll and contests. Social networking seems to be another way in which they’ve connected with people, as they have a Facebook group, a YouTube channel and a Twitter account. Twitter seems to be where they are most active, and I noticed that they will respond to questions, suggestions and compliments from their readers there. I couldn’t help but notice, though, that the website itself doesn’t actually get a lot of comments from readers in the blogs and the forums sections, but I still have to commend them for at least making an effort.

I guess my one dislike about Chart Attack’s website is that, aside from the blogs, much of the content can also be found in their magazine itself. They might be able to generate more readers and commenters if they featured more things online that people couldn’t get from the print edition.

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